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Terms & Conditions

We offer our Customers a unique experience. We pride ourselves on always being reliable and flexible, we will do our utmost to accommodate any special requests or requirements. Please take a few minutes to read our terms and conditions of hire and if you can’t find the answer to any questions you may have on our website, please contact us via the contact form.

The term ‘Company’ represents the hiring company ‘Silk and Satin Weddings’.

The term ‘Customer’ refers to the hirer and person responsible for all those in his or hers party and agrees to the below terms and conditions.

General Conditions of Hire:

With Customer consent the Company may take promotional photographs or video at the event, photographs or video taken will remain the sole legal property of the Company. Upon request copies of said photographs may be made available to the Customer for personal use only.

The Company’s liabilities:

The Company cannot accept responsibility for adverse weather conditions, or acts by other persons or organisations which may impact adversely on the vehicle hire period.

Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards by a Volkswagen specialist. However, due to the vehicle(s) age the Company cannot accept responsibility for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown. In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown prior to pick up, every effort will be made for the immediate repair of the vehicle and should this not be possible, a refund of monies will be returned to the Customer. In the event of breakdown, traffic congestion or accident, no responsibility will be accepted for missed connections and/ or functions however caused.

The Company will not accept any liability for any damage or loss of belongings by the Customer or any of their party whilst using our services, all passengers travel in our vehicle(s)at their own risk, the Company will not accept liability for any injuries to passengers however caused.

The Customer’s Liabilities:

Customers must note that they are liable for any damage caused inside or outside the vehicle(s) by either themselves or any other member of their party. The Customer will agree to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair to any vehicle and the Company will determine the location of the repair.

There is a strict no smoking, no food policy in the vehicle. Drink(s) can be consumed inside the vehicle while it is in motion. The Company reserves the right to impose a valeting charge on the Customer if the vehicle is misused through food, drink or illness, to return the vehicle to its former condition.

Due to the age of our Volkswagen’s seat belts are not required by law in the rear of the campers. Children under the age of 3 years old cannot travel in our vehicle)s) due to legislation. We recommend that children needing a booster seat or child seat travel in a different vehicle, however this is just our recommendation! Children aged from 3 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the vehicle.

The Company reserve the right to refuse entry to the vehicle by any person(s) they deem unfit for whatever reason. In this event no refund of monies paid will be given.

Booking & Payment:

A non returnable deposit of £100 is required when booking one camper

The total price payable will be quoted once the route and all requirements have been established between the Company and the Customer. Any alterations to the agreed booking form, once confirmed (i.e. change of venue, pickups etc.) cannot be guaranteed, although we will make every effort to meet your additional requirements. Alterations at this stage however, may incur further costs.

The Customer is responsible for giving a written schedule of events for the hire period, including full post codes, timings and a list of passengers. Please be aware that pets are prohibited from traveling in either vehicle(s), with the exception of guide dogs.

The outstanding balance, which the Customer will be advised of once the route and all the requirements have been established, must be paid no later than one calendar month before the hire period.


All cancellations must be made and received in writing, at least one calendar month prior to the hire and a refund will be repaid, minus the deposit. If cancelled within one month prior to the wedding then no wedding will be issued.

If a booking is made with less than one calendar month prior to the hire period, then the balance must be paid in full at the time of booking.

The Company reserves the right to refuse a booking.


Payments can be made to the Company by Bank transfer or cheque.

Continued use of this site certifies users have read and agree to the full terms and conditions laid out by the Company and agree to abide by them.


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